Located in the central – southern county of Arges, east of Pitesti, Stefanesti city includes the old territory Stefanesti, Great Valley – Vineyard and Golesti, totaling an area of ​​6024 hectares and 13.007 inhabitants.

Stefanesti City, humanity old settlement, whose beginnings are lost in the mists of time, enroll in past rich in data and events, by this and by the prospects outlines, among the most important localities of the county Arges.

Stefanesti is considered one of the oldest human settlements in the area, archaeological research leading to the discovery of ancient stone axes approximately 4500-6000 years of VRAM coins dating from Dacian (in Targu area – Hill) and the deposits of clay pots early feudal era.

The oldest settlements in the perimeter of the city, empty and Stefanesti respectively, are recorded in a document issued on August 5, 1452, whereby the prince Vladislav II – The area hardens more properties of landowners. Third place in the order they appear in documents, is Izvorani, which, in 1493, Prince Vlad the Monk donates a living Glavavioc Monastery in southern
current county Arges. Great Valley name first appears in a document issued by the ruler Patrascu the Good, the father of Michael the Brave, when delimiting the properties of boyars and monasteries, reminiscent of the boundary between the Great Valley water these properties.

Also meet in the documents, as owners of land in the territory of the present town Stefanesti, Michael the Brave, Buzesti brothers, Matei Basarab, Constantin Brancoveanu, Golesti family, family Bratianu family. From Matei Basarab we stayed in Albesti stone cross, which regulate obligations vinariciu ruler, to avoid abuses dari officials from squeezing these manufacturers, cross what is in front of Stefanesti Cultural House. In the Great Valley mansion are preserved ruins of Constantin Brancoveanu; house (now a memorial museum) who lived in the largest Romanian novelist Liviu Rebreanu nation and villa were great actresses Lucia Sturza Bulandra.

Also within the city Stefanesti hear it Golesti family mansion (now the Museum Golesti) and the former mansion ,, Florica ‘family that gave the country two of the makers of modern Romania, respectively IC Ionel Bratianu and his son BC Bratianu – personalities that binds important event in the history of our country, and we Revolution 1848, the Union of the Principalities of 1859, during the War of Independence from 1877 to 1878 and National Unitary State Romania following World War during 1916-1918 .

On the territory of the present town Stefanesti amounted lately, becoming more industrial. Thus, in 1968 the factory was built electric motors (currently SC”ANA MEP ‘SRL); in 1975 the winery was built plant SCPVV Stefanesti (currently S.P.P.V.V. Stefanesti); in 1982 it built a warehouse with a capacity of 7,000 t of vegetables and fruits; The dam was built in 1980 by the accumulation of empty. Currently, across the city, operates a total of 574 undertakings. It should be noted that a new highway will cross and Stefanesti city territory on a length of 7 km.