City Stefanesti Arges county was founded as a result of the declaration that the village Stefanesti city, Arges county by Law no. 83 of 05.04.2004. Under this law, the villages belonging Stefanesti city are: Stefanesti, Enculesti, Golesti, Izvorani Stefanestii-Noi, Great Valley Vineyard, Viisoara, Zavoi.
    Stefanesti City covers an area of ​​60 km, bordering southwest of Pitesti, for N – V and N Maracineni commune and Mioveni, for E Calinesti, for S Oarja communes and Bradu, according to city map Stefanesti (part of the present Statute).
    Stefanesti City is located in the central – southern county of Arges, southeast of Pitesti, at the intersection of 44 53 ‘north latitude and the meridian of 24 56’ east longitude. 18 km north of parallel 45 passing and not far from the eastern border of the city passes the meridian of longitude 25 east, these two geographical coordinates showing us in the central city location – south of the country.