In terms of relief, Stefanesti city lies on the contact line between the Piedmont Plateau (ie Platform Candesti) and Arges Meadow, beyond which lies the high plains of Pitesti. This line of contact between the two is clearly evident relief units in the field by altitude difference and the specific landscape, being interrupted by the tributary valleys that penetrate deep within the Piedmont and is covered by forests, vineyards and settlements that climb and large floodplains piedmont plain of this platform. In the western part of town is the river valley Lady with the north – south.

According to Law no. 83/2004 joint declaration that the city of villages belonging Stefanesti city are: Stefanesti, Enculesti, empty, Izvorani Stefanestii – New, Great Valley – Vineyard, Viisoara, Zavoi, at distances between 2 km and 5 km to the village of residence – Stefanesti. Except Golesti village, which is entirely located in Arges Meadow, other villages embroiders limit of two relief units mentioned, located along the valleys and roads that cross the city.
Graphical presentation of the city localities Stefanesti is shown by map of the city, which is part of this Statute.

The altitude is between 252 m city in the Valley of Arges and
400 m, in the hills Great Valley – Vineyard.

The hydrographic network that crosses city territory is intermittent, with obarsii of Candesti piedmont platform, the Arges Valley or River tributary Lady, which form boundaries to the south and west of the city respectively. Over the River Lady, near the city, stretching from Lake Maracineni -VAL Mare Vineyard, flood mitigation role and Raul Arges Pitesti found South Stefanesti Golesti accumulation for obtaining hydropower.